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Toys “R” Us gives its e-commerce site a social revamp

November 15, 2013 / By Melissa Buening

Internet Retailer, 11/15/13

Toys “R” Us Inc. has given its web site a social makeover. The toy retailer this week launched a redesigned web site that lets shoppers place items in Pinterest-like “boards,” while also viewing trending products on the site.

The site’s redesigned home page also highlights “hot sellers” and personalized product recommendations.

In launching the redesign a few weeks before Thanksgiving, the unofficial start of the holiday season, Toys “R” Us says it hopes to make it easier for shoppers to find gifts. “We wanted new ways for shoppers to engage with each other and be inspired by ideas on the site,” says Fred Argir, senior vice president, chief digital officer.

Internet Retailer

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