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Top Social Commerce Resources and 5 Must-Follow Blogs

December 6, 2011 / By Paul

Keeping up with the fire-hose of social commerce news being pumped out can be tough. You want the need-to-know stuff, the insight, the innovations and key market intel, without the hype and spin.

There’s no perfect solution to tracking social commerce, the sector that Mark Zuckerberg said is likely to be the Next Big Thing, but here’s our pick of the best of online resources for social commerce mastery.

The Big 5 – For the need-to-knows

  • Mashable (feed): So it’s broader than social commerce, but if anything worth knowing happens in social commerce, it’ll be here
  • Social Commerce Today (feed): The daily social commerce industry blog with news, comment and analysis on the use of social media in the context of commerce
  • Social Media Today (feed): Not specifically focused on social commerce, but some of the best brains on the commercial deployment of social media
  • TechCrunch Social (feed): Good for industry news on social tech and trends
  • Exciting Commerce (feed): Excellent e-commerce focused blog of innovative e-commerce solutions, often with a social twist

The Secret Six – For inspiration and ideas

  • Get Elastic (feed): The best blog on e-commerce – well written, insightful and useful – and sometimes with social love
  • PSFK (feed): the best retail blog, period.  Covers emerging trends, full of ideas and inspiration – lots on the hot new area of Social POS
  • Social Commerce Linkedin Group - real questions and answers from real people – great social commerce commerce forum
  • The Brand Builder Blog (feed): from social media ROI maven, Olivier Blanchard, all about monetizing social media
  • Allfacebook (feed): Yep, social commerce is bigger than Facebook, but this is a must-follow blog for all commerce on Facebook
  • Springwise (feed): If you want inspiration, here it is.  Trendspotting for business. We challenge you to not come away from this blog without at least three ideas to improve your business
  • Internet Retailer (feed): Go-to resource for online retailing, but check out the marketing feed for social goodness.

The Firehose – For everything

  • Twitter feed for Social Commerce
  • Twitter feed for f-commerce
  • Twitter feed for Facebook Commerce
  • Quora feed for social commerce
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