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Sur La Table: Dinner Served on a Socially-Shared Table

October 8, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

My wife is a great cook. When she says “dinner is on the table,” that’s my cue to nosh to my heart’s content. But an interesting change has occurred lately. She no longer uses cookbooks to discover new recipes. Instead, all of the recipes she finds come from Facebook and Pinterest!

Seattle-based kitchenware products retailer, Sur La Table, now enables customers to discover cooking ideas from each other right on the brand’s website in addition to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with the help of 8thBridge.

8thBridge has turned the site into a highly interactive, socially infused smorgasbord of user-driven content!

Shoppers who log in using Facebook can curate Collections of products in a manner reminiscent of Pinterest, follow others who do the same, and view Social Recommendations on product pages that are based on collections that contain the product.


What this means is, instead of a solo-shopping excursion through hundreds of products, site users can discover products that others are adding to their collections and sharing.

Curated Product Collections
Take My Collections for instance. Visitors can discover collections of favorite products that have been personally curated by renowned chefs, Sur La Table’s own buyers, resident chefs from the Sur La Table cooking program, and from its customers.

They can search for Products, Collections or People and filter results based on popularity (most added, most loved, most followed) and time frames (day, week, month, or anytime). Searches can be restricted to Facebook friends or include everyone who uses the site.

For example, the Vitamix Professional Series 750 Blender has been added to over 90 different collections, making it the most added of all products in Sur La Table’s extensive inventory.

Benefits of Curated Commerce
Curated commerce like that seen in My Collections solves a couple of problems for the customer.

First, it filters the thousands of product selections Sur La Table offers down to manageable collections centered on shared taste. Second, it builds on a long-standing shopping trend, the reliance on authority figures to influence purchase decisions. (You know what I mean – “4 out of 5 doctors agree.”) Not only that, My Collections makes shopping feel more personal – almost like browsing through an intimate boutique rather than a large, impersonal store.

Citing the benefits of curation in her article at, writer Katherine Vong said, “Curated retail ensures focused shopping and product relevancy – it provides a customer with choices that will most interest her depending on her previous shopping choices, interactions and set preferences.”

Curation not only benefits customers, but retailers as well, states Vong: “[C]ustomers are more likely to purchase a curated product and spread the word about it to their friends, thereby allowing retailers to leverage their customer data and increase revenue.”

Through the social features provided by 8thBridge, Sur La Table adds value to its customers by helping them shop smarter using their social intelligence to rely on the influence of friends and tastemakers, making it easier to discover the most popular, must have products for the kitchen and/or entertaining.

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