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Social Sharing Gets Sophisticated with Oscar de la Renta

August 29, 2012 / By Paul

If luxury brands had to set their “relationship status” with their fans in Facebook, it’d be “It’s complicated”.

Luxury brands are all about exclusivity, privilege and excellence; social media is inclusive, open and conversational.

So how do luxury brands do social media – if they do it all?

Do you really want your luxury customers to “Like” you in the same way they would “Like” a grocery brand? No.

Do you really want 10,000s of “Likes” to dilute your carefully crafted image of exclusivity, and show the world that you’re as popular as a diaper brand?

Whilst we don’t have all the answers, our Graphite platform helps luxury brands do social by upgrading the common “Like” button and enabling social sharing in a more upscale manner.

Take the e-commerce site of Oscar de la Renta; the couturier who dressed Jacqueline Kennedy is doing a lot of things right with social media.

Most recently, the fashion designer has just deployed our Graphite technology to enable social sharing on its e-commerce site – with custom buttons – “obsessed”, “own” and “need” on product pages.

Click “obsessed” and a special enhanced status update is published in your friends’ newsfeeds that allows them to browse and buy the object of your obsession. And note how the Graphite share buttons are designed to reflect the design of the brand. Note too the optional absence of popularity counters: seeing a designer dress with thousands of “Likes” is about as appealing as turning up to a party with the same dress that others are wearing. You want to feel unique and special, and believe you are discovering an amazing creation for the first time.

Social media remains an unsolved conundrum for many luxury brands that make their myth and meaning from inaccessibility, but social sharing matters. Why? Because a luxury brand’s reputation – and sales – are built on word of mouth.

Because of “homophily” (birds of a feather flock together) in networks, the friends of Oscar de la Renta’s customers are those who are most likely to become the brand’s new customers. That makes sharing between customers and their friends absolutely critical to brands like Oscar de la Renta.

Social sharing matters in luxury. But you need sophisticated social sharing. Sophisticated social sharing is what 8thBridge Graphite™ delivers.

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  1. Fionna says:

    Social sharing will definitely boost their business as well as engagement with their fan, but they are missing one key element i.e. they are not proving social login allowing customers to log in with their Facebook, Google etc. As a social media expert, I can say they should add social login, maybe through 3rd party services like LoginRadius!!

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