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Social Commerce IQ: GameStop [Case Study]

November 9, 2011 / By Erik Eliason

Editor’s Note: 8thBridge recently published the Social Commerce IQ: Retail report which indexes and ranks the top 200 retail brands based on their use of social media to drive business results. This case study is included in the report which can be downloaded here.

Fan Page Overview

GameStop has a Shop tab that allows fans to browse games and then click through to GameStop’s website to make a purchase. The Deals tab shows tweets from GameStop. Fans can like and send messages about new games to their friends on the New Releases tab. The Gaming News tab shows an RSS feed that allows fans to Like and send articles. News, videos, photos, upcoming events, and polls are included on the Tournaments tab. GameStop allows Facebook users to Like and share featured items from its website.

Facebook Integration on Website:

1. Like and Share featured items (EG Pre Order Batman)

Social Commerce IQ Ranking

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