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Kipling Tells a Story of Social Discovery Through Wishlists and Social Recommendations

October 8, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

Everyone has a story to tell and Facebook is the place they often tell it. New 8thbridge client Kipling, part of VF Corporation, also has a story and is leveraging the world’s most popular social network to tell it.

Kipling, which offers a full range of carryalls – handbags, backpacks, messengers & totes, luggage, wallets, and accessories – was named after master storyteller Rudyard Kipling, author of “The Jungle Book,” the children’s classic that contains a series of inspiring stories about jungle adventures.

Kipling, the carryall company, uses 8thBridge to do something very similar. Instead of jungle animals, its stories are told by people who share their passion for Kipling’s products with other customers and their Facebook friends.

How does Kipling go about it? Through the use of Wishlists and Social Recommendations.

Customers who are logged into the site via Facebook can create personal Wishlists, share them with friends and even invite friends to create their own lists. They can also view Social Recommendations on the product page based on Wishlists that contain the product, and view others’ Wishlists and follow them.

For example, Kipling customer Melissa Buening created a Wishlist called “Bags I Want”. Others can add those products to a Wishlist of their own or follow Melissa.

Kipling Wishlist

Social Discovery tools like these provide customers who may not know exactly what they want with inspiration from product selections that others list and recommend.

According to Dr. Paul Marsden, social psychologist, to resolve uncertainty of what to do or buy, we often look to what others are doing or have done, and take our cue from them.

The social proof gleaned from other customers aids the buying process and moves the person further down the purchase funnel. After all, shopping is as much about product discovery as it is about buying, and sites like Kipling facilitate browsing and sharing behavior as much as searching and transacting.

In addition to the social discovery features listed above, Kipling’s site encourages deeper product exploration through the use of larger images and expanded product stories.

The benefits don’t stop there either. The company also plans to reward customers for taking social actions like “Own” and “Love” and for making a Wishlist, and will use the social data gleaned from customers to personalize emails and create more highly targeted ads.

All this adds up to a fun, new way to shop that has its basis in social discovery that allows people to tell the story of their interests in passion for Kipling products.

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