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Introducing 8thBridge Graphite 2

October 11, 2012 / By Wade Gerten

8thBridge today released Graphite2, a revolutionary new social commerce platform that dramatically expands social engagement across two new dimensions:

1. Broader social integration across the entire purchase funnel from campaigns-to-ecommerce.

Many marketers are tired of riding the social campaign roller coaster where they run a campaign, maybe launch a Facebook app as part of it, get a short term bump in awareness and traffic, and then move on to the next campaign – losing the social data insights they learned about users. Graphite2 now supports social integration not just with the ecommerce site but also with the marketing campaigns that drive traffic to it and as a result, the social data insights gained in each campaign build upon each other and upon the insights captured from the year-round ecommerce integration.

2. Wider community engagement that now includes not just the 5% of power sharer user types but also the 95% of us that more often watch others share vs. engage and share ourselves.

We’re finding that there may be a ceiling of sharing for many brands and we believe it’s around 5%. Unless you do something drastic, its very difficult for most brands to continually convince more than 5% of their visitors to share something with their Facebook friends.

Its important to note that 5% is actually a very large number if you look at what those power users can produce. In the last six months since we’ve launched Graphite (call it 1.0) with a dozen brands we’ve produced 26.2M story impressions on Facebook and accumulated social insights on 36.5M users including 3.5 billion things those users and their friends have liked.

The reality is that 95% of us are lurkers, followers, and wallflowers. I’m a bit of a lurker myself. I observe friends that share way more than I share myself.

8thBridge has cracked the code on how to engage this other 95%, call them the anti-social, with social shopping functionality and it will change online shopping forever by making it far more human.

Read on and contact us for details but, at a high level, we’re using the content created by the 5% of power sharers to produce a better, more social, shopping experience for the other 95%.

Not only will Graphite 2 drive more users to engage socially and in more places, we’ve also significantly increased the number of ways people can engage each other including:

1) Curation: People can now organize the things they love (Pinterest-like) right on the brand’s website by creating boards or collections of things that go together. Curation is a big trend because customers are overloaded with choices and want more guidance from each other and brands on where to focus.

2) Discovery: For the first time, the 95% of us that are non-sharers can still engage socially by consuming the content such as curated boards generated by the 5% of users that do share. We’re now using crowd-sourced content (collections of things created by people with taste) to present social recommendations to other shoppers. A new level of never-seen-before discovery will now occur on ecommerce sites that will drive up average order values and conversion rates as people find new things to buy from others.

3) Rewards: Power sharers and advocates can now be rewarded for their support with our new rewards functionality. Most of our clients are planning to use this new capability to reward results (sales from your social network of friends) rather than focus on the sharing itself.

4) Social Login: Customers that forget their password will now be able to login using their Facebook accounts if they are one of the billion people now using Facebook. Brands will also be able to create members-only sections of their websites potentially with exclusive offers gated with the Social Login feature. We felt this was an important capability to add given the fact that our clients were beginning to add this feature themselves inadvertently creating yet another Facebook authentication step for users to approve. We feel it’s much better for both the users and the brand to consolidate social graph integration to one platform vs. integrating to multiple different social applications.

5) Ratings: A new socially integrated Ratings feature will help generate not just content on the website but awareness on Facebook as all Ratings created are shared with friends. Ratings fraud should also be slowed given real people with Facebook accounts will be rating products and services.

6) More Social Expressions: In addition to expressing how one feels about a brand’s products, people can now share their feelings about promotional campaigns, media like blog posts and videos, and even purchases they’ve made. Our clients and agency partners are dreaming up dozens of unique ways to weave social expressions into campaigns and content.

Graphite2 is by far the most advanced and complete social commerce platform on the market. It’s the first social commerce platform that spans the entire purchase funnel from campaigns-to-commerce and it’s the first platform able to engage all of a brand’s visitors in a better, more social, shopping experience.

Many of our clients wanted one technology partner that supported all of the social engagement and social data integration they wanted to enable from short-lived marketing campaigns to on-going ecommerce integration. The benefits of an end-to-end, fully integrated social commerce solution extend to both the brand and the user. With only one Facebook authorization for all social features the user engages in a consistent experience across campaigns and the ecommerce site without multiple logins. This also provides a single control panel for users to manage their privacy settings and for the brand this means only one social data integration point to connect with your existing systems.

8thBridge started the social commerce category in 2009 when we launched the first store on Facebook for 1-800-Flowers. We reinvented social commerce earlier this year with the release of Graphite by bringing social shopping functionality off of Facebook and onto existing ecommerce sites for the first time.

We are thrilled to bring another major innovation to the market with Graphite 2 and are looking forward to continuing to push the boundaries of what is possible in social commerce.

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