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Interview with Kip Levin, EVP of eCommerce, Ticketmaster

January 19, 2012 / By Melissa Buening

8thBridge and Ticketmaster recently launched a revolutionary new app for Facebook Timeline. People can add the app to their Facebook Timeline to share their plans to attend concerts, concert attendance itself, and ticket buying with their friends. Users can purchase tickets in the app without leaving Facebook. Once a person has added the app to their Timeline, they can receive event recommendations based on their Likes and Listening activity through music services like Spotify, integrated with Facebook.

We recently asked Kip Levin, EVP of eCommerce, Ticketmaster, a set of questions to get at the root of why Ticketmaster chose to work with us and how Ticketmaster views social commerce.

Q: Why did you choose to work with 8thBridge?
A: We decided to work with 8thBridge for two reasons. First, they had a proven track record of building transactional applications on the Facebook platform. Second, they shared our vision that building great social commerce products meant innovating and leveraging the power of social, not just replicating your web commerce experience on Facebook.

Q: How does the application fit with your overall social commerce strategy?
A: Our social commerce strategy is simple-make the fan experience better by leveraging social platforms. Building on Facebook has allowed us to do that not just by using all the great sharing capabilities that Facebook provides, but also now by tapping into music preferences and listen data from services like Spotify.

Q: What impact do you think the application will have on your business?
A: For us this provides a great way to interact with fans and better ensure they never miss a show they might be interested in attending. We also know that we sell a very social product, most people don’t go to shows by themselves and this is a great way for groups to coordinate and buy together.

Q: Why did you invest in social commerce?
A: Our mission is to push innovation and continue to improve the fan experience around buying tickets and attending live events. We view social commerce as a major part of that strategy.

Many thanks to Kip!

To purchase tickets without leaving Facebook and start shopping with your friends in entirely new ways, start using Ticketmaster’s Timeline app

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