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Deb Shops Sees A 16% Lift In Revenue Per Visit When Using Social Discovery

November 5, 2013 / By Melissa Buening

Deb Shops partnered with 8thBridge to create a social shopping experience on their ecommerce site that has resulted in 16% more revenue per visit as measured via extensive A/B testing. The objective of the solution is to create a better experience that drives social discovery, engagement, and measurable sales lift. People are empowered to discover new ideas from each other in an inspiring, Pinterest-like, shopping experience. David Cost, VP eCommerce & Digital Marketing, launched the Curation & Discovery solution in 2013 and has been able to cover 85% of his product assortment with crowdsourced product collections called Style Boards. “We knew our customer would like the new experience, but were skeptical that implementing Social Discovery features on our website would have a large impact on sales. The results of our tests blew us away,” said Cost.


Are My Socially Engaged Visitors My Real Customers?

The answer was a resounding – Yes! The customers who engage in social shopping functionality are Deb Shops’ best customers (see The Socially Engaged Customer Profile).

The Power of Social Discovery

But even in today’s “share everything world”, 85% of the visitors will still choose to remain anonymous. This is where Social Discovery brings real ROI to social shopping. The socially engaged customers (Deb Shops’ best customers) curate and share products. This content is discovered on the Deb Shops website via social product recommendations and trending product and collection feeds. Social Discovery of new and complementary products by the “Other” 85% of visitors drives significant sales as these visitors discover products they were not originally considering. To prove this, Deb Shops ran A/B testing to remove the social discovery features from a control group of visitors.


The test results showed a 16% lift in revenue per session for visitors presented with social recommendations as compared to the control group that did not see social recommendations.

View the full case study here.

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