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Alvenda Changes Its Name to 8thBridge

January 21, 2011 / By Wade Gerten
8th Bridge

We’re excited to announce that today, January 21, 2011, we’re officially changing our name from Alvenda to 8thBridge. The change signifies our company’s pioneering of social commerce, the increasing capabilities of the social graph, and a new stage for our organization which has experienced tremendous growth and remarkable accomplishments since its founding in 2008.

The name change stems from many discussions around what we want our company to represent. Being at the nascent stages of the next wave of e-commerce promises not only a revolution in how consumers shop online, but also how consumers shop in brick and mortar stores, on their phones, and beyond. For businesses, social commerce will revolutionize how they serve their customers, execute promotional campaigns, and forecast and manage inventory and sales.

As the first company to develop and engineer social commerce platforms, including stores within Facebook, we’ve selected the name 8thBridge to more effectively reflect our company’s capabilities and ingenious spirit — as the name is rooted in the history of graph theory.

Seven Bridges of Königsberg

In 1735, the city of Königsberg, Prussia was situated on both sides of the Pregel River and featured seven bridges between the two banks and the two islands. Local residents would sometimes fallaciously claim they could walk over each bridge once and only once in a single trip. Their claims later captured the attention of mathematician Leonhard Euler, making The Seven Bridges of Königsberg a notable historical problem in mathematics.

Euler eventually proved that the problem has no solution, but did become solvable with the addition of an 8th bridge.

Map of Königsberg in Euler's time showing the actual layout of the seven bridges, highlighting the river Pregel and the bridges. Courtesy of Wikipedia

As he assessed the situation, he reformulated the problem in abstract terms, where the banks and island land masses were represented by nodes and the bridges were represented by edges. The resulting mathematical structure was a graph. Euler’s solution led to the development of graph theory.

The eighth-bridge concept reinforces that some problems demand a creative, revolutionary approach for resolution.

For more information on the Seven Bridges of Königsberg and Euler take a look at the Wikipedia article.

What’s Next

8thBridge will continue to build on what we’ve established over the past two years: Being the leader in pioneering social commerce and partnering with the largest merchants in the world to launch stores which leverage the social graph. We have many exciting updates for 2011 that we’re looking forward to sharing with you in the coming months, so stay tuned.

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