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American Apparel: Why ‘Like’ when you Can Want, Love & Have?

July 25, 2012 / By Paul
Feet and Hands Shape of a Heart

American Apparel gets the importance of emotion.

Emotion motivates – when something is emotive it is motivatonal.

That’s why the American Apparel ads are emotive, why its brand is emotive, and why its vertically-integrated business model is emotive; emotion motivates behaviour; customer, employee and shareholder behaviour.

And now, by integrating our Graphite social commerce platform, American Apparel is helping make e-commerce e-motive.

Today, when customers head over to the American Apparel site, not only can they ‘Like’ products – they can express themselves emotionally by ‘Loving’, ‘Wanting’ and ‘Owning’ them, creating more motivational and emotionally-rich Shoppable Stories™ that get shared across social networks.

Why only ‘Like’ when you can ‘Love’, or ‘Want’ or even ‘Own’ something? Or someone? For a brand built on passion, it makes no sense to be a slave to the faceless grey of human emotion – the dull, nondescript and utterly generic ‘Like’.

By deploying Graphite, American Apparel is putting emotion back into the e-commerce mix, with a curated set of shareable emotions that fit the brand and have the power to motivate behaviour – both advocacy and sales.

Moreover, American Apparel’s application of Graphite is built on smart psychology; 80% of all social media talk is self-talk – we talk primarily about ourselves and our feelings, with others and objects playing only a supporting role. We even get a chemical kick out of talking about ourselves – thanks to the mesolimbic dopamine system – the reward center of the brain.

Graphite helps people express themselves and their emotions in social media – in a safe way for brands – and in a way that releases the pleasure chemicals of the brain.

But what excites us about Graphite is not its neurological smarts. Our vision is a world of e-commerce built around people; and that means focusing on the essence of what makes people, well, people. And the answer is emotion. Emotive E-Commerce. That’s what Graphite is all about.

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