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Aeropostale “Wish To Win It” Campaign Promotes Holiday Spirit

November 21, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

“When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are;
Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

There’s a striking similarity between those lyrics, which come from the Disney classic, Pinocchio, and a new social commerce campaign created by Aeropostale, specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories, with help from 8thBridge.

Called “Wish to Win It”, customers who click the red Wish To Win It button on an product page are entered for that week to win the product. When a customer clicks the button, a story is shared on Facebook to let their friends know they’ve entered. To date, nearly 70,000 wishes have been shared since the contest started earlier this month.


Campaign Promotes Holiday Spirit

The promotion is one part of a larger “Wish” campaign Aeropostale is conducting over the 2013 holiday season that emphasizes the spirit of giving, typically associated with this time of year.

Other parts of the campaign includes a Wish For It Outfit Guide that includes a variety of pre-curated looks, and Don’t Just Wish For It Free Shipping On $100.

A fourth part of the campaign that’s especially noteworthy included the granting of one wish per day via social media. When someone added the tag #WISHFORIT to a post on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Vine, they were entered to win the grand prize each day of $1,000 to go towards whatever they wished for. 10 other winners each day received a prize valued at $250.

In store, customers were able to write their wish on a Wish For It piece of paper. To enter the contest, they took a picture of the product and posted it to Instagram using the tag #WISHFORIT.

Wishes weren’t merely limited to Aeropostale products either. Some of the wishes that were granted included Super Bowl tickets, a triathlon bike, a charity to help the homeless, and relief goods for Haiyan victims.


Not only is this spirit of giving a good fit for the holiday season, it builds huge social capital for the brand at the same time.

Such altruism is especially important to Aeropostale’s Millennial customer base that places high value on social responsibility and that, according to a recent study, feels a strong connection to brands that share such sentiment.

Wish For It Website

Aeropostale created a Wish For It micro-site to coincide with the campaign that contained a real-time feed of posts from Twitter and Instagram using the #WISHFORIT hashtag.


Benefits to Aeropostale

Aeropostale benefits from this Wish campaign in three ways: by learning who their customers are (because they connect socially to enter the contest), what their customers are wishing for, and by gaining referral traffic from friends on Facebook who see the products their friends wish for on

Due to the charitable nature of the campaign, it should also serve as a vehicle to build loyalty with Aeropostale’s customers.


If you thought wishing was something just done “upon a star,” think again. Through this campaign, Aeropostale is turning wishes into reality for many lucky people while, at the same time, providing a fun, rewarding shopping experience that’s a perfect fit for the holiday season.

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