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8thBridge Named an eTail Rising Star in Start-Ups

July 24, 2013 / By Melissa Buening

We are pleased to announce that 8thBridge has been recognized as an eTail Rising Star in Start-Ups by the eTail community.

The eTail community was asked to name one company they thought was:
a) indispensable to their business and is on the cutting edge of the next generation service.
b) a small organization that could have a big impact on the retail industry with their creative solutions.

There were over 100 recommendations from retailers writing 2-3 paragraph long responses.

Other Rising Stars include:
@Pay, Adroit Digital, AdRoll, BestBuzz, Catalog Spree, cloud.IQ, Clutch, Converto, Cquotient, Datapop, Drawbridge, Fits.me, GroupAd, Joyaux Marisol LLC, Kreate Technology, MediaMath, Milk & Honey, Movylo, OrderDynamics Corp, OrderGroove, Qubit, ReadyPulse, RetailOps, Rise Interactive, Sandbox Studio, SearchDex, ShopIgniter, Smarter Remarketer, SnapTag Powered By SpyderLynk, SpotTrot, Storlution, TagsPoint, Tealeaf, TrueLens, Upcload, Wanelo, WebMobi, Wrapp, www.DealSpaz.com, and Plink.

More info can be found here: http://bit.ly/15trPlt

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