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8thBridge Helps Bring Toys”R”Us Customers to a More Interactive, Fun Online Shopping Experience

November 12, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

8thBridge has brought its social commerce expertise to Toys”R”Us to more sharply focus the shopping experience on Toysrus.com and Babiesrus.com around people – encouraging its customers to engage with its brand in a new social way.

The retailer rolled out a Curation & Discovery experience using technology and expertise from 8thBridge. As the toys and baby products authority, Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us are resources for millions of parents and gift-givers shopping for the perfect gift, and visitors to the e-commerce site can now discover new products from shoppers like them in a visual, Pinterest-like experience.


Beyond Convenient to Meaningful

“By launching a brand-consistent, open and social experience, Toys”R”Us is enlisting thousands of parents and “kids experts” to create a differentiated and community-based shopping experience that brings a more engaging experience to site visitors,” said Wade Gerten, Founder & CEO of 8thBridge.


Toys”R”Us helps parents lean on one another to get recommendations and make better purchasing decisions.

For example, new parents who don’t know what to buy for their babies can look at user-generated boards (collections of products) to find out what others are interested in or have purchased. Similarly, the parents’ friends and relatives can tap into the community and see socially trending toys for different age groups and interests.

Social Discovery Drives Sales

The new Social Discovery experience powered by 8thBridge augments the traditional shopping experience for customers by helping them discover new products they may not have otherwise considered.

Other 8thBridge clients have seen online sales increase between 5% and 15% per visit when people discover products from each other.

Social Discovery also enables customers to share social content in the form of personalized recommendations that influences and spurs action by others. When people share their preferences for certain products, it sends a subtle signal that these are products worth considering – “If I love it, I think you will too.”

We love the new Toys”R”Us shopping experience and we think you will too!


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