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8thBridge + Fluid

April 7, 2014 / By Wade Gerten

We started 8thBridge nearly six years ago. Social media was exploding at the time and millions of people were just starting to discover this new form of self expression. Our goal was to find a way to weave this new media into ecommerce experiences and empower people to discover new ideas from each other. We wanted to reshape ecommerce around people.

Each month, more and more retailers have launched new experiences using 8thBridge technology with a goal of differentiating themselves against an advancing competitor – Amazon. The retailers that embrace the full capabilities of the 8thBridge Graphite platform have created superior experiences for their customers and are driving between 5% and 15% in new sales per year.

Today, we’re happy to announce that 8thBridge has been acquired by another innovator in digital shopping experiences, Fluid. We know what works, and Fluid brings a whole new level of expertise, technology, and resources to scale and support these efforts.

Fluid and 8thBridge share a common vision that a differentiated experience is now the key relevancy driver for brands and retailers in the digital age. We will be working with Fluid to evolve the 8thBridge Graphite technology into an even more powerful platform for creating amazing ecommerce experiences for people.

All of us at 8thBridge are excited to be joining the Fluid team. We’re looking forward to continuing to innovate and to making our clients even more successful!


Wade Gerten
Founder & CEO, 8thBridge

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