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8thBridge and Ticketmaster Launch New App for Facebook Timeline

January 18, 2012 / By Louis Abramowski

We at 8thBridge are excited to announce that we have partnered with Ticketmaster to launch an awesome new app today that people can add to their Facebook Timeline to share their plans to attend concerts, concert attendance itself, and ticket buying with their friends. Users can purchase tickets in the app without leaving Facebook.

We believe deeply in the value of social shopping experiences at 8thBridge and shopping for tickets is no exception. In fact, we believe it to be one of the most truly inherently social activities you can do on the web. Whether an individual is looking for a friend who shares his passion for an artist to join him at a specific event or he just wants to be certain he never misses the on-sale date of his and his friends’ favorite artist, shopping for tickets just isn’t the same without your friends.

Starting today, people will discover artists, events, and venues that are new to them using the incredible discovery opportunity social shopping creates while connecting them with friends, favorite artists, tickets friends purchase, and so much more in Ticketmaster’s app for Facebook Timeline.

Once a person has added the app to their Timeline, they can receive event recommendations based on their Likes and Listening activity through music services like Spotify, integrated with Facebook. That’s right, the app allows people to discover such things as dates when an artist they listen to will be in their area.

Social commerce leader, 8thBridge, and the largest seller of tickets globally, Ticketmaster, provide fans new ways to express their connections with Music, Sports, Arts & Theater and Family events by making it easier to add to their Timelines the activities people are already regularly sharing with their friends: such as what they are listening to, the events they want to attend, the events they will attend, and the tickets they’ve bought.

“This is the first time we can make personalized recommendations based on a Facebook user’s listening behavior and Likes,” said Wade Gerten, CEO and Founder of 8thBridge. “We have been able to help Ticketmaster stay at the leading edge of technology through the launch of this app.”

“We’re excited to have worked with 8thBridge to bring this great new social commerce product to market and think it’s a big step forward in driving innovation and improving the live event experience,” said Kip Levin, EVP of eCommerce, Ticketmaster.

To purchase tickets without leaving Facebook and start shopping with your friends in entirely new ways, start using Ticketmaster’s Timeline app

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