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3 Top Resources for Social Commerce Inspiration

October 25, 2011 / By Paul
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Socializing sales sounds simple enough, but there’s more to social commerce than simply adding social features to the shopping experience and shopping features to the social experience.

You need creativity – a creative recombination of social and shopping features at the intersection of insight, invention and opportunity.

So, here are our top three resources for social commerce inspiration that will get your creative juices flowing:

PSFK – the go-to source for new ideas and inspiration in shopping. It’s broader than social – and that’s a good thing – PSFK is a cutting edge database of innovation in retail. Probably the best creative stimulus online for social commerce planning. Subscribe to the daily digest from the home page, download the most excellent PSFK Future of Retail presentation – and start listing ideas as they bubble up in your brain. Recent inspiration includes;
Heinz personalized soup store on Facebook
Ikea app that uses Facebook data to create and customize your ideal bedroom
Walmart’s opening of 3,500 Facebook pages for local stores

2. Springwise
Springwise – directory of new business ideas, trends and innovations.  From the world’s largest idea-spotting network, a vibrant mix of cool hunting, new business ideas and trend spotting.  A little brother to PSFK, but further out on the creative edge.  Again, broader than social, but with plenty of social love and inspiration.  Subscribe to the newsletter and the brilliant monthly trend briefing over at sister site trendwatching.com. Recent Springwise ideas include;
Brand fans earn Commission from Facebook pop-up shops
Ford test-drive video and metrics shared online
Remote wait-in-line apps

2. TED
TED – ideas worth spreading, inspiration worth applying.  Okay, you know the site, you watch the talks, but do you apply the insights? These 15 minute insights from the planet’s brightest brains will help you carve your social commerce offer at nature’s joints.  You’ll be better off building your social commerce strategy on a TED insight than on a slice of technology.  Once again, TED talks are far broader than social, but they’ll help you think outside the social box, and will transform any social commerce into smart social commerce. Consume without moderation.
Why social commerce success depends on answering the “Why?” question
Why social commerce success depends on who you are…

As Einstein noted, creativity is all about “combinatory play”.  So combine and recombine insights from these three resources with an RSS feed from Google and Twitter searches for ‘social commerce’, ‘social shopping’, ‘group-buying’ and ‘f-commerce’ and you’ll have the genes – or rather ‘memes’ – for social commerce success.

by Guest Contributor – Dr Paul Marsden

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  1. Cameron says:

    Love your post on social commerce. I recently did an interview with Fracisco Rosales of SocialMouths where he spoke about small businesses using social commerce that you may find interesting http://venpop.com/2011/small-business-in-social-commerce-with-francisco-rosales/

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