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8thBridge + Fluid

April 7, 2014 / By Wade Gerten

We started 8thBridge nearly six years ago. Social media was exploding at the time and millions of people were just starting to discover this new form of self expression. Our goal was to find a way to weave this new media into ecommerce experiences and empower people to discover new ideas from each other. We wanted to reshape ecommerce around people.

Each month, more and more retailers have launched new experiences using 8thBridge technology with a goal of differentiating themselves against… Read More

8thBridge’s Third Annual Social Commerce IQ Study Reveals On-Site Social Discovery Has Gone Mainstream

January 9, 2014 / By Melissa Buening

Annual Analysis of How Over 800 Retailers Are Using Social Commerce to Improve the Shopping Experience

8thBridge®, the market leader in Social Discovery, today announced the results of its third annual Social Commerce IQ (SCIQ) report, which analyzed the social commerce strategies of 872 retailers. The number of retailers analyzed this year was almost double the number analyzed in last year’s report, to include nearly all of the brands from companies in the Internet Retailer 2013 Top 500 Guide and additional… Read More

Aeropostale “Wish To Win It” Campaign Promotes Holiday Spirit

November 21, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

“When you wish upon a star,
Makes no difference who you are;
Anything your heart desires will come to you.”

There’s a striking similarity between those lyrics, which come from the Disney classic, Pinocchio, and a new social commerce campaign created by Aeropostale, specialty retailer of casual apparel and accessories, with help from 8thBridge.

Called “Wish to Win It”, customers who click the red Wish To Win It button on an product page are entered for that week to win the product. When… Read More

8thBridge Helps Bring Toys”R”Us Customers to a More Interactive, Fun Online Shopping Experience

November 12, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

8thBridge has brought its social commerce expertise to Toys”R”Us to more sharply focus the shopping experience on and around people – encouraging its customers to engage with its brand in a new social way.

The retailer rolled out a Curation & Discovery experience using technology and expertise from 8thBridge. As the toys and baby products authority, Toys”R”Us and Babies”R”Us are resources for millions of parents and gift-givers shopping for the perfect gift, and visitors to the e-commerce site can… Read More

Deb Shops Sees A 16% Lift In Revenue Per Visit When Using Social Discovery

November 5, 2013 / By Melissa Buening

Deb Shops partnered with 8thBridge to create a social shopping experience on their ecommerce site that has resulted in 16% more revenue per visit as measured via extensive A/B testing. The objective of the solution is to create a better experience that drives social discovery, engagement, and measurable sales lift. People are empowered to discover new ideas from each other in an inspiring, Pinterest-like, shopping experience. David Cost, VP eCommerce & Digital Marketing, launched the Curation & Discovery solution in… Read More

Introducing 8thBridge Social Insider Panel

October 14, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

Introducing 8thBridge Social Insider Panel – a new solution that runs on the 8thBridge Graphite™ platform.

Understanding your customer has never been more important than in today’s retail environment where the customer is in charge of their shopping experience.

Internet transparency, social product discovery, competition and new business models have all played a role in putting transactional control squarely in the hands of the customer.

This presents serious challenges for retailers, and those that have lost touch with their customers – especially those… Read More

Nautica Makes Shopping an Adventure Shared with Friends

October 8, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

Nautica, part of VF Corporation, is a brand whose very name speaks of discovery. The company took its moniker from the Latin word “Nauticus” for ship, which was one of the earliest means to explore the world.

Not coincidentally, Nautica’s website is designed to facilitate Social Discovery around the wide variety of products it offers that includes men’s, women’s, and children’s apparel, as well as watches and a full line of home decor.

Wishlists and Social Recommendations
Thanks to 8thBridge, visitors to the… Read More

Kipling Tells a Story of Social Discovery Through Wishlists and Social Recommendations

October 8, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

Everyone has a story to tell and Facebook is the place they often tell it. New 8thbridge client Kipling, part of VF Corporation, also has a story and is leveraging the world’s most popular social network to tell it.

Kipling, which offers a full range of carryalls – handbags, backpacks, messengers & totes, luggage, wallets, and accessories – was named after master storyteller Rudyard Kipling, author of “The Jungle Book,” the children’s classic that contains a series of inspiring stories about… Read More

Sur La Table: Dinner Served on a Socially-Shared Table

October 8, 2013 / By Paul Chaney

My wife is a great cook. When she says “dinner is on the table,” that’s my cue to nosh to my heart’s content. But an interesting change has occurred lately. She no longer uses cookbooks to discover new recipes. Instead, all of the recipes she finds come from Facebook and Pinterest!

Seattle-based kitchenware products retailer, Sur La Table, now enables customers to discover cooking ideas from each other right on the brand’s website in addition to Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter with… Read More

Social Discovery Webinar Featuring Kevin Ertell from Sur La Table

October 7, 2013 / By Melissa Buening

View the recorded webinar here.

October 10, 2013
11am-12pm CT

Scott Silverman, Kevin Ertell, and Jon Kubo will discuss retail’s hottest social trend – Social Discovery. Kevin Ertell will discuss his experiences in incorporating social curation and discovery on the Sur La Table ecommerce site and the feedback from within and outside of the company. Finally, the panel will explore what is next for Sur La Table and retailers in general when this type of customer engagement is used to its full potential.

Kevin… Read More Helps Customers Wish for the Perfect Pair of Shoes for Their Birthdays with 8thBridge Graphite™

September 23, 2013 / By Melissa Buening HP_usa_star[1], powered by YOOX Group, is the newest online destination for women dedicated entirely to high-end shoes and everything that surrounds them. Social commerce features on that are powered by the 8thBridge Graphite™ platform are making it easy for friends to shop for the perfect Birthday gift for one another. The features 8thBridge has enabled on are: Birthday Board/Social Wishlist, Post Purchase Share, Social Header & Social Login, and Rewards.

Finding the perfect Birthday gift is tough. Acquiring… Read More

8thBridge Named an eTail Rising Star in Start-Ups

July 24, 2013 / By Melissa Buening

We are pleased to announce that 8thBridge has been recognized as an eTail Rising Star in Start-Ups by the eTail community.

The eTail community was asked to name one company they thought was:
a) indispensable to their business and is on the cutting edge of the next generation service.
b) a small organization that could have a big impact on the retail industry with their creative solutions.

There were over 100 recommendations from retailers writing 2-3 paragraph long responses.

Other Rising Stars include:
@Pay, Adroit… Read More

Introducing Graphite 3

May 30, 2013 / By Wade Gerten
G3 Logo

Today we’re launching a major new release of our Graphite platform – an entirely new way for brands to connect with, and understand, people.

Building meaningful relationships require personal connections and understanding. But today, even after offering rich rewards through carefully architected loyalty programs – customers are the least loyal to brands than they’ve ever been.

Even after investing millions of dollars in tracking technology and building massive consumer databases, most marketers still know very little about who their customers really are… Read More

eBay’s GSI Commerce Selects 8thBridge to Drive Social Commerce

January 30, 2013 / By Wade Gerten

Today GSI Commerce and 8thBridge announced a partnership to provide an integrated social commerce solution to their customer base of over 500 clients and an estimated one billion shoppers. This is a major industry milestone for social commerce and 8thBridge!

GSI Commerce processes over $4B in gross merchandise value and services hundreds of the world’s largest ecommerce operations including Aeropostale, Toys”R”Us, Bath & Body Works, Dick’s Sporting Goods, National Football League, Estee Lauder, Sports Authority, Levis, Ralph Lauren and many more…. Read More

8thBridge Hires Chief Scientist to Harness Social Data

January 30, 2013 / By Jon Kubo

Early on 8thBridge recognized that the major problem with harnessing the power of Social Data was there wasn’t compelling Social Commerce functionality to engage users and collect this data. Hence the Graphite Platform was born. With Graphite, companies can integrate social sharing, rewards, curation, and discovery into their ecommerce and mobile shopping experiences and collect social data.

There has been a lot of talk about the value of Social Data; significantly more hype than results. 8thBridge has had… Read More

8thBridge’s Second Annual Social Commerce IQ Study Reveals New Retail Leaders Who Adopted Significantly Different Success Strategies Over Past Year

December 11, 2012 / By lsmith

Companies Who Focused Predominantly on Social Network Presence Dropped Off Leader List, While a New Vanguard Created Richer Social Shopping Experiences Integrated Directly with Their Websites

Minneapolis, Dec. 10, 2012 – 8thBridge®, the market leader in social commerce, today announced the results of its second annual Social Commerce IQ (SCIQ) report, which analyzed the social commerce strategies of the majority of companies on the Internet Retailer 500 (IR 500) list. The study revealed a number of new best practices as… Read More

Introducing 8thBridge Graphite 2

October 11, 2012 / By Wade Gerten

8thBridge today released Graphite2, a revolutionary new social commerce platform that dramatically expands social engagement across two new dimensions:

1. Broader social integration across the entire purchase funnel from campaigns-to-ecommerce.

Many marketers are tired of riding the social campaign roller coaster where they run a campaign, maybe launch a Facebook app as part of it, get a short term bump in awareness and traffic, and then move on to the next campaign – losing the social data insights they learned about… Read More

Social Sharing Gets Sophisticated with Oscar de la Renta

August 29, 2012 / By Paul

If luxury brands had to set their “relationship status” with their fans in Facebook, it’d be “It’s complicated”.

Luxury brands are all about exclusivity, privilege and excellence; social media is inclusive, open and conversational.

So how do luxury brands do social media – if they do it all?

Do you really want your luxury customers to “Like” you in the same way they would “Like” a grocery brand? No.

Do you really want 10,000s of “Likes” to dilute your carefully crafted image of exclusivity,… Read More

American Apparel: Why ‘Like’ when you Can Want, Love & Have?

July 25, 2012 / By Paul
Feet and Hands Shape of a Heart

American Apparel gets the importance of emotion.

Emotion motivates – when something is emotive it is motivatonal.

That’s why the American Apparel ads are emotive, why its brand is emotive, and why its vertically-integrated business model is emotive; emotion motivates behaviour; customer, employee and shareholder behaviour.

And now, by integrating our Graphite social commerce platform, American Apparel is helping make e-commerce e-motive.

Today, when customers head over to the American Apparel site, not only can they ‘Like’ products – they can express themselves emotionally… Read More

Life Beyond the Like with Dogeared Jewelry

July 6, 2012 / By Paul

As businesses, we all get why social media matters – social media accelerates and amplifies word-of-mouth effects.

And that matters because word-of-mouth matters.

A high profile cross-industry analysis by consulting firm Bain confirmed what many businesses already knew – that the most recommended business in any competitive set grows far faster (two and half times as fast on average) than its competitors.

The word of mouth effect is why the question “How likely is it that you’d… Read More

Nasty Gal Uses 8thBridge Graphite Social Commerce Platform to Speak to Its Customers In Their Language

May 17, 2012 / By Melissa Buening

Nasty Gal Enables Its Customers To Share Its Products With Unique Meaning

The 8thBridge Graphite™ platform is now being used by Nasty Gal, a global online destination for fashion-forward, free-thinking girls, that offers both new and vintage clothing, shoes, and accessories. Ranked number 372 on the 2012 Internet Retailer Top 500 list, Nasty Gal has quickly become a top destination for fashion since its founding in 2006. Graphite aids Nasty Gal’s customers to express how they feel about the brand’s styles… Read More

Facebook Shopping Apathy? Smart Plays On F-Commerce

February 17, 2012 / By Wade Gerten

Bloomberg published an article today about the poor performance of Facebook Storefronts and how retailers are closing them amid “apathy.” It was one more article in a series of articles downplaying the value of Facebook to retailers. The Bloomberg article and others like it were correct to say Facebook stores have not sold millions of orders. However, they failed to articulate what the REAL opportunity is for social commerce.

In 2009, my company 8thBridge opened the very first store on Facebook,… Read More

8thBridge Launches Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D Facebook Campaign

January 26, 2012 / By Melissa Buening
star wars1

Lucasfilm and 20th Century Fox’s upcoming release, Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace 3D, is now equipped with a stellar campaign on Facebook thanks to 8thBridge.

The campaign includes a tab on Star Wars’ Facebook fan page and a News Feed store where fans can purchase tickets, watch the trailer, and share the trailer with their friends without leaving Facebook. Also included is a Facebook event page where people can RSVP to the Opening Weekend! Star Wars Episode I:… Read More

Interview with Kip Levin, EVP of eCommerce, Ticketmaster

January 19, 2012 / By Melissa Buening

8thBridge and Ticketmaster recently launched a revolutionary new app for Facebook Timeline. People can add the app to their Facebook Timeline to share their plans to attend concerts, concert attendance itself, and ticket buying with their friends. Users can purchase tickets in the app without leaving Facebook. Once a person has added the app to their Timeline, they can receive event recommendations based on their Likes and Listening activity through music services like Spotify, integrated with Facebook.

We recently asked Kip… Read More

8thBridge and Ticketmaster Launch New App for Facebook Timeline

January 18, 2012 / By Louis Abramowski

We at 8thBridge are excited to announce that we have partnered with Ticketmaster to launch an awesome new app today that people can add to their Facebook Timeline to share their plans to attend concerts, concert attendance itself, and ticket buying with their friends. Users can purchase tickets in the app without leaving Facebook.

We believe deeply in the value of social shopping experiences at 8thBridge and shopping for tickets is no exception. In fact, we believe it to… Read More

Social Commerce 2011: A Year in Review with 3 Infographics

December 22, 2011 / By Paul

What a year for social commerce, the year social media found a business model, and the year e-commerce found its social mojo. So much has happened, but here are three standout infographics that go some way to summarising where we’re at with helping people buy where they connect and connect where they buy.

First up, we have Janice Diner‘s f-commerce ecosphere (V2), that will provide you with an at-a-glance understanding of the seven dimensions of Facebook commerce – and yes, it’s… Read More

Oscar de la Renta Sells Second Product Exclusively on Facebook with 8thBridge

December 20, 2011 / By Melissa Buening
Screen shot 2011-12-20 at 11.42.28 AM

Social Commerce Leader 8thBridge Creates Facebook Store for Fashion Leader Oscar de la Renta

MINNEAPOLIS, MN (December 20, 2011) – Oscar de la Renta launched its second store with 8thBridge today to sell four bangles exclusively on Facebook via a shopping tab and a News Feed store.

The enamel quote bangles were featured on December’s runway. Each bangle has a different quote by Oscar de la Renta:

White bangle – “Elegance is a discipline of life” Love, Oscar
Black bangle – “When you… Read More

5 Great Facebook Campaigns By CPG Brands

December 13, 2011 / By Paul

Why would a CPG brand add an e-commerce application to its Facebook page?

To sell of course, buy why? For travel brands such as Delta, adding an e-commece app to Facebook makes sense – it provides a convenient additional booking channel with enhanced social features such as group-booking. For fashion brands such as 7 for all Mankind, an e-commerce app on Facebook makes sense too because fashion is an eminently social category; a social sales channel boosts the word of mouth… Read More

5 Fashion Brands with Facebook Shopping

December 8, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

So you are a fashion brand dabbling with the idea of creating a social shopping experience for your fans on Facebook. Where do you turn for inspiration? Here are 5 fashion brands that have created different types of Facebook shopping experiences. (All of these brands are included in the Social Commerce IQ: Fashion report, which can be downloaded here)

7 For All Mankind

7 For All Mankind’s Facebook page has a shop tab and news feed stores. The shop tab allows users… Read More

Top Social Commerce Resources and 5 Must-Follow Blogs

December 6, 2011 / By Paul

Keeping up with the fire-hose of social commerce news being pumped out can be tough. You want the need-to-know stuff, the insight, the innovations and key market intel, without the hype and spin.

There’s no perfect solution to tracking social commerce, the sector that Mark Zuckerberg said is likely to be the Next Big Thing, but here’s our pick of the best of online resources for social commerce mastery.

The Big 5 – For the need-to-knows

Mashable (feed): So it’s broader than social… Read More

Social Commerce IQ: Louis Vuitton [Case Study]

December 2, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Editor’s Note: 8thBridge recently published the Social Commerce IQ: Fashion report which indexes and ranks the top 200 fashion brands based on their use of social media to drive business results. This case study is included in the report which can be downloaded here.

Louis Vuitton’s YouTube Experience

Louis Vuitton has posted over 125 videos to YouTube, it has over 7,000 subscribers, and it’s videos have received over 1.7 million views. It’s most popular video has received over 90,000 views (Louis… Read More

Black Friday/Cyber Monday and Facebook

December 1, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Facebook has become a dominant source for discovering deals and generating sales during the holiday shopping season. The following discusses data from,, and 8thBridge to prove this claim.

Data from’s Black Friday/Cyber Monday showed that “Of the more than $1.1 million in sales during the period, more than 50% was from people who joined via social sources. Facebook is far and away our biggest source; more than 25% of the sales/revenue we generated during the period was… Read More

Why fashion and social commerce works

November 29, 2011 / By Paul

Social commerce – helping people connect where they buy and buy where they connect – is a natural choice for fashion brands.  Why?

Cynics may quip that the reason social commerce and fashion get along so well is that social media and fashion are essentially similar; they are both a relief from boredom, or a distraction from what matters.  

But the real reason why social commerce and fashion works is that fashion is an eminently social phenomenon. Fashion is socially constructed through a… Read More

Social Commerce IQ: JewelMint [Case Study]

November 22, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Editor’s Note: 8thBridge recently published the Social Commerce IQ: Fashion report which indexes and ranks the top 200 fashion brands based on their use of social media to drive business results. This case study is included in the report which can be downloaded here.

What JewelMint is Doing Well on Facebook

JewelMint rewards it’s customers for completing tasks on Facebook. Customers earn points and claim coupon rewards via the JewelMint Facebook page. One way to earn points is by spinning the… Read More

Social Commerce IQ: ShoeDazzle [Case Study]

November 18, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Editor’s Note: 8thBridge recently published the Social Commerce IQ: Fashion report which indexes and ranks the top 200 fashion brands based on their use of social media to drive business results. This case study is included in the report which can be downloaded here.

Why ShoeDazzle Had the Highest IQ

ShoeDazzle had the highest Social Commerce IQ because it has a large group of engaged followers on several social media websites. The brand’s following on Facebook is 1.5 million strong. It… Read More

Social Commerce IQ: Fashion Infographic

November 17, 2011 / By Melissa Buening
SCIQ Fashion cover.0012

Social Commerce IQ: Fashion Infographic

Read More

New Study From 8thBridge Uncovers How The Top 200 Fashion Brands Use Social Media

November 15, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

ShoeDazzle, Rocawear, and Barneys NY top the Social Commerce IQ index which ranks the top 200 fashion brands based on how they use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Flickr and Tumblr.

MINNEAPOLIS – November 15, 2011 – A new study released by 8thBridge analyzes and ranks the top 200 fashion brands based on their use of social media websites such as Facebook and Twitter to drive business results. The report, named Social Commerce IQ: Fashion, examines which strategies are the most critical… Read More

5 Reasons Why You Should Have a Social Media Budget for 2012

November 14, 2011 / By Paul

#1: Social Media Budgets will help you future-proof your business in 2012: Whatever field you’re in, disruptive social technology is likely to be changing to the way things are done. So social technology should be a part of ongoing business model innovation investment – and that needs to be budgeted for…. Read More

Social Commerce IQ: GameStop [Case Study]

November 9, 2011 / By Erik Eliason

GameStop scored 92, the highest score of 200 brands. Learn how they achieved this ranking. … Read More

3 Hot Travel Brands Using Facebook for Social Commerce

November 8, 2011 / By Paul

Humans are social creatures, and when we travel it’s often for social reasons – going from A to B whether alone or together – in order to see or be with people who are not at A. … Read More

Highlights from This Year’s Facebook Halloween Campaigns

November 3, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Target launches Ask Your Friends App and Tesco offers exclusive discounts via a Halloween store on Facebook…. Read More

8thBridge Brings Group Travel Application to Facebook with Delta

November 1, 2011 / By Erik Eliason

Delta Air Lines has partnered with 8thBridge to make it easier to book a trip with your friends on Facebook…. Read More

5 Entertainment Companies Pioneering on Facebook

November 1, 2011 / By Paul

Companies are only just beginning to explore the possibilities of using Facebook as an entertainment hub – but here are five pioneers leading the charge…. Read More

Oscar de la Renta Partners with 8thBridge to Sell Product Exclusively on Facebook

October 31, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Minneapolis, Minn. – October 31, 2011 – Oscar de la Renta introduces the Esprit d’Oscar solid perfume ring, available beginning November 2, 2011 exclusively on their Facebook shopping tab and through the News Feed store. Both the shopping tab and News Feed store were developed by 8thBridge.

The perfume ring is a translucent flower that holds a solid concentration of the Oscar de la Renta fragrance, Esprit d’Oscar. It is the latest addition to Oscar’s jewelry collection and… Read More

Social Commerce IQ: Cabela’s [Case Study]

October 31, 2011 / By Erik Eliason

Cabela’s allows fans to post photos and videos to its page. Fans post tons of photos and videos of their “Big Catch,” “Good Old Truck,” or other socially relevant campaigns the brand is running. The Shop & Share tab allows fans to browse through products and then click through to Cabela’s website to make a purchase. You can ask your friends about specific items and share items on this tab. Cabela’s is highly engaged and asks their fans a lot of questions on the Questions tab…. Read More

3 Tips for Retailers for Black Friday/Cyber Monday on Facebook

October 27, 2011 / By Melissa Buening
red sale image

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are quickly approaching. Here are three things you can do on Facebook for the big shopping day(s)…. Read More

3 Top Resources for Social Commerce Inspiration

October 25, 2011 / By Paul
golden eggs

Socializing sales sounds simple enough, but there’s more to social commerce than simply adding social features to the shopping experience and shopping features to the social experience…. Read More

Social Commerce IQ: American Eagle Outfitters [Case Study]

October 24, 2011 / By Erik Eliason
Screen shot 2011-10-24 at 9.34.37 AM

Editor’s Note: 8thBridge recently published the Social Commerce IQ: Retail report which indexes and ranks the top 200 retail brands based on their use of social media to drive business results. This case study is included in the report which can be downloaded here.

Fan Page Overview

American Eagle Outfitter’s fan page has a Become a Fan tab that makes Facebook users aware that they will get exclusive offers and special promos if they become fans of AEO on Facebook. This… Read More

Jon Kubo Joins Social Commerce Leader 8thBridge As Chief Product Officer

October 3, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

E-commerce executive, Jon Kubo, the former SVP of Ecommerce and CIO of Wet Seal, Inc. brings expertise to 8thBridge to accelerate the next stage of growth

MINNEAPOLIS – October 3, 2011 – 8thBridge, the leader in social commerce, announced today that Jon Kubo, former SVP of Ecommerce and CIO of Wet Seal, has joined the company as Chief Product Officer. Mr. Kubo brings over 16 years of ecommerce experience and is an award-winning CIO.

“The addition of Jon Kubo to our… Read More

What’s Your Number from 20th Century Fox Launches Group Ticketing on Facebook

September 28, 2011 / By Melissa Buening

Movie Studio Leverages Facebook and Group Ticketing App from 8thBridge to Launch Movie Promotion with Gilt Groupe, and 7 For All Mankind.

MINNEAPOLIS – September 28, 2011 – Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming release, What’s Your Number, is leveraging Facebook to launch their Ladies’ Night campaign to make it easier for women to plan a movie night out together. The movie stars Anna Faris as Ally Darling, who after reading a magazine article that leads her to believe she’s going to… Read More