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Electronic Arts is one of the world’s largest video game producers with over $3 billion in annual sales. Their hugely successful first-person shooter game franchise, Battlefield, has sold nearly 17 million copies since 2008 and has a significant fan base on Facebook.

In anticipation of their largest releasing title, Battlefield 3, the company launched two Facebook applications with 8thBridge. The first application, the Missions app, was designed to leverage the social graph of Facebook as the missions are social in nature. For example, one of the missions was to tag your squad selecting from your Facebook friends. In addition to the Missions Application, EA also launched a Facebook Pop Up Store in anticipation of their largest releasing title, Battlefield 3. The store enabled fans to pre-order the game directly on Facebook and includes fan-only gifts such as Back to Karkand Expansion Pack, Physical Warfare Pack (PC Download Only) and Play4free Beret and Gun.

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