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Curation & Discovery

Empower people to discover new things they didn’t know they wanted

Create a brand-appropriate, visually inspiring, customer experience that encourages people to engage with each other and discover new ideas and products to buy.


Drive Discovery and Social Proof

Monetize user-generated content across all brand touch points


Reward Expertise and Influence

Motivate the right people to create inspiring content and spread the word

Crowd source the identification of experts and influencers within your community. Motivate their behavior with rewards for sharing and/or curating content.


Monetize Social Discovery

Drive more sales, trust, engagement, and referrals

Combining the benefits of customer reviews and personalization with a better, more social, experience – Social Discovery drives people to discover new things to buy from other people lifting average order values and conversion rates.


Monetize Social Data

Capture unique insights into customers, competitors, and markets

In addition to the tactical sales benefits above, 8thBridge provides strategic insights into your customers, competitors, and market trends based on the social graph data captured and created in the experiences above.

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