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About 8thBridge

8thBridge provides a Social Discovery platform to brands that want to empower people to discover new product ideas from each other, inspire the creation of crowd-sourced content, and gain a far deeper understanding of their customers.

Social media has changed the world forever – for the better – helping to level the playing field between millions of people and the institutions that serve them. No government, religion, brand, or company has been left untouched by this movement. Over 100 retail industry senior executives surveyed by KPMG in 2013 reported that social media is the #1 most impactful technology trend on their business.

We believe the term “consumer” will soon be retired to the history books as fewer and fewer people consume what they’re sold or do what they’re told.

Socially-enlightened brands work with 8thBridge because they not only recognize this new world order, but are ready to embrace it and begin reshaping their business around people.

8thBridge provides a proven path to social monetization for marketing and ecommerce executives that have not been satisfied with their ability to translate fans and followers into measurable sales lift.

Brands leverage our technology and expertise under a framework we call The 3 ‘I’s to monetize social:

Inspiration. We half joke that the first step on your monetization journey with us is to simply get out of the customer’s way. We help you create a brand-appropriate, visually inspiring, customer experience that encourages people to engage with each other and discover new ideas and products to buy.

It’s like launching your own brand-appropriate version of Pinterest that can be engaged right on your own website and carried into stores.

Insight. People that engage with each other through our technology identify themselves via their Facebook profiles and share an average of 75K things about themselves and the brand’s marketplace via their social graph data. We apply data science to this data set and uncover new strategic insights into who your customers truly are and what they care about – automatically segmenting people into crowds. Our analytics technology also provides brands with a unique view into competitive trends and market opportunities.

Check out this blog post on the origin of the 8thBridge name and for a brief math history lesson on graph theory.

Integration. 8thBridge’s technology, Graphite, is integrated with most ecommerce platforms, email marketing systems, advertising tools, and CRM systems. We make it easy for marketers to setup automated marketing campaigns that run in a lights-out fashion with little-to-no manual intervention.

Clients launch 8thBridge-powered Discovery experiences in less than 8 weeks, on average.

8thBridge was founded in 2008 with the goal of reshaping the traditional 4Ps of marketing (product, place, price, promotion) around People.

8thBridge started by enabling people to not just shop together in physical stores, but also digitally, on social networks, when we processed the first ecommerce transaction on Facebook in July 2009. By 2012, 8thBridge was enabling people to discover products from each other directly on their favorite ecommerce sites.

The pace of innovation at 8thBridge increased in 2013 as customers began receiving inspiring, crowd-sourced, product ideas from brands in their inbox, in more relevant advertising across the web, and in physical stores via mobile – returning social discovery back to its in-store roots, but in amplified form.

8thBridge was recognized by the AlwaysOn Global 250 in 2011 as one of the top 250 private companies in the world, was nominated by Red Herring in 2012 as a Top 100 Americas company, and is a Facebook Preferred Marketing Developer.

8thBridge publishes a free and in-depth annual report on how retailers are successfully leveraging social in our Social Commerce IQ report. Internet Retailer magazine began using 8thBridge market performance data in their Social Media 500 book published each year.

8thBridge is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. Since its founding in 2008, world class clients like American Express, Coach, Delta Air Lines, Estee Lauder, Paramount Studios, Target, Ticketmaster, Toys ”R” Us, VF Corporation, and many others have partnered with 8thBridge. 8thBridge is funded by Split Rock Partners and Trident Capital.

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